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The music video I directed for Todd Michael Schultz was featured in an article on the Huffington Post website. Here's the link: Huffington Post article


"In a Day" has been airing on the Sundance Channel.
Please check link for any current airings. Thank you for watching, if you get the chance:


One of my new projects was directing the music video for the up and coming singer / songewriter Todd Michael Schultz. Fellow filmmaker T. Arthur Cottam did the cinematography.

Interview magazine profiled Todd and the video:

Todd was also featured on MTV's NewNowNext:

Direct link to video on Vimeo:

Direct link to video on YOUTUBE:


"In a Day" is available for purchase on DVD through Amazon.

IFC FILMS Acquired In A Day for their Festival Direct Movies On Demand program.

In A Day was the #1 film on VOD (video on demand) when it premiered. Thank you for all your wonderful support!

"In A Day" review, from the esteemed and hip Campus Circle newspaper:

In A Day (Goldcrest Films)
By Jessica Koslow

Sometimes relationships are cultivated over time. Oftentimes, a friendship transforms over the years into coupledom.

Yet on other occasions, in rare but amazing instances, love blooms in a day. That's the premise of In a Day, written and directed by Evan Richards.

Ashley Brandstead (Lorraine Pilkington) starts her day in an awful way. After shaking off the insulting incident, she's approached by Michael (Finlay Robertson), a regular in the shop where she makes sandwiches.

He spends the day pampering her, telling her a secret someone has sent him to "make her have a wonderful day." And so the love affair begins. Of course, a surprising and cute twist unfolds in the end, exposing Michael's true reasons for his kindness.

Robertson is quirky and charming, while Pilkington reels you into her world of longing for love. Love doesn't always find a home and settle in a day, but when it does, it can be truly magical.

Grade: A

UPDATES: My feature film debut "In A Day" played the festival circuit, over 15 international film festivals and screenings. It has won BEST SCREENPLAY - EVAN RICHARDS, and was nominated for BEST ACTRESS - LORRAINE PILKINGTON at the Method Fest Independent Film Festival. It won the Best Feature award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. It won the Audience Award at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. It was also the AMC Movie Watchers Club Pick at the USA Film Festival (Dallas). It was picked up for sales by Goldcrest Films and has been selling in various territories around the world. It's first release was in Spain through Manga Films. You can learn far more about the project on its official website:

But a little background on it: We shot the film in London. In the East end. Near Liverpool St., if you know London.

I wrote and directed the movie. The producer being Rowan Athale. We have a really great British and American cast. Though there's really only one American in it. His name is Jake Broder.

Rounding out the rest of the cast is the female lead: Lorraine Pilkington. She was in the cult UK hit "Human Traffic". She's also starring in the upcoming thriller "Rabbit On The Moon". The male lead is Finlay Robertson. He's on two UK television series, Life Begins and Doc Martin. He also appeared in the "Alfie" remake and this British indie film called "The Inbetweeners". Also in the cast is the fantastic Rose Keegan and Nolan Hemmings.

On the soundtrack for "In A Day" is the song 'Clear Channel'. The song is by the band Common Rotation. I directed - with Abner and Kamma Pastoll - a music video for 'Clear Channel' that is done and can be watched on YOUTUBE:

Another video co-directed with the Pastoll brothers is for the song "Magic" for the band Stimulator. This version of the song was featured on the Macy's commercial campaign. Stimulator have toured with Duran Duran and the Go-Go's. Also involved with the project is music photographer Diane Carter. You can see the excitingly animated, courtesy of the Pastoll bros. (and myself), final result at YOUTUBE:


I'm working on a script that I'll be starring in. Can't talk too much about it yet, because it ain't done. Also, there's a few projects that I'm waiting to hear back on. Let you know all, when I know.